Enoitalia is the largest privately owned winery in Italy in terms of production.

The Enoitalia project started in 1986, and since then has expanded to global levels. Over 100 million bottles were produced in 2019, with exports reaching 80 countries across 5 continents. Their aim is clear: be ambassadors of Italian taste globally, valuing and promoting the uniqueness of each Italian varietal and its territory. 

Enoitalia winemakers select grapes from some of the most valued regions in Italy, and work continuously to ensure these terroirs are fully expressed in the final wines. To enable this, there is constant investment in innovation, particularly in the winery, where they experiment with a wide range of varieties and packaging solutions. 

“"Enoitalia means 'E Noi Italia' - a team of people dedicated, everyday, to the millions of bottles that we bring to people all over the world, that tell the story of our unique country."”

Giorgio Pizzolo, President of Enoitalia

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