El Dorado

Diamond Distillery is the last remaining distillery in Guyana. It is the result of the consolidation of the rum industry after independence. It is run by a Guyanese company DDL (Demerara Distillers Ltd), the only producers of Demerara Rum.

"We have maintained our heritage, and still run the only Wooden Stills left today. They are made of a native hard wood called Greenheart, which is robust enough to stand up to the heat and pressure of distillation, and also creates a very unique characteristic to our rums.

Enmore Wooden Coffey Still (Red) was originally built at the Enmore Plantation in 1880. It has been producing the same rum ever since, and is an integral part to the El Dorado range.

Port Mourant Double Wooden Pot Still – Built in 1732. Makes a hugely robust rum, and has a cult following.

Versailles Single Wooden Pot Still (Pronounced Ver-sales) – Our oldest still we have, made its way from the Versailles distillery to Diamond. Rich, smoky, molasses notes."

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