El Colectivo

Winemaking in Argentina isn’t limited by outdated and constrictive laws, winemakers are free to blend wine as they see fit, which means there are a host of exciting wines being produced in Argentina that you couldn’t find anywhere else. It’s this pioneering attitude that led to the formation of El Colectivo. They wanted to use the ideal terroir around Mendoza to produce wines that didn’t just follow in the footsteps of every other winery in Argentina and would be recognised as makers of quality wine.

Mendoza is without a doubt the beating heart of wine in Argentina. Here, winemakers can use elevation to their advantage to get the same effect as a cooler climate at sea level. This means there are near limitless grapes a winery can employ, as they can easily be planted within a microclimate that suits them. At sea level, an increase in sunshine (good for all grapes) will normally mean an increase in temperature (not good for all grapes), so the ability of winemakers to mitigate the effects of temperature has been an important factor in the growth of quality Argentinean wine.

El Colectivo are pretty keen to use the elevation in Argentina to their advantage. Their style is modern and fruit-driven while they strive to balance quality and price. For them, wine should not be exclusive and therefore they try to produce wines they believe will be enjoyed by the majority of people. They’ve put their knowledge together with a group of local growers in order to produce wines that are modern and approachable.

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