Domaine Wardy

Domaine Wardy's range stands out in Lebanese winemaking for its freshness, lightness and history.

Versions of the Domaine Wardy story vary - but they all start with one woman, Wardy Rose Moussallem. Great-grandmother of the current fourth-generation owners, this remarkable woman was widowed at a young age and took over her husband's orchards and vineyards. She was so successful that they renamed the land after her. This is her domaine; her land, her vineyards and her wine.

The four generations of winemakers who have run and worked at Domaine Wardy since then have all stayed true to their authentic Lebanese history and culture of winemaking. This isn't a winery looking to emulate Old World producers, but celebrate the millenia of Lebanon's unique culture. The Wardy wines are all remarkably light, delicate and elegant, standing in stark contrast to the characteristically big and bold styles of Lebanese wine.

“This is a region drenched with fine wine since the beginning of civilisation. A region that has continuously produced wine for more than 6,000 years.”

George Wardy

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