Domaine Nicolas Rossignol

Part of the fifth generation of the renowned Rossignol family, winemakers in Burgundy for centuries, Nicolas Rossignol started his own domaine in 1997 and never looked back.

Nicolas holds to the belief that the future of wines lies in innovation, rather than sticking to the rules of the past. He actively enterprises to make rich, elegant wines that fight people's preconceptions of what each region in Burgundy can produce, from delicate Pommards grown in clay-based soils to big, bold and punchy Volnays. 

His innovation extends to his techniques. His approach is highly influenced by biodynamics, and he manages vineyards with minimal intervention, paying heed to the lunar cycle in everything he does. In 2016, Nicolas built a state-of-the-art winery just on the outskirts of Beaune. The estate is about 17ha today.

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