Domaine de l'R

Where Cabernet Franc sings in all it's fruity and elegant, powerful and perfumed glory.

The wines of Frederic Sigonneau are wonderfully aromatic on the nose: think super concentrated raspberries and cherries, add a touch of minerality and herbal freshness, and you're nearly there!

Following years of winemaking in Spain's Ribera del Duero, Frederic founded Domaine de l'R in 2004. His Chinon Cabernet Francs are atypically powerful for the region: partly due to the extra concentration from the 60-year-old vines, but also due to the big and bold Spanish influence.

The vines are tended to biodynamically, and in the cellar Frederic has a very stripped back winemaking approach. His methods are not a matter of being ‘fashionably natural’, everything works towards preserving the natural state and purity of the fruit because to Frederic (and us), it simply tastes better.

“The idea is to prevent the juice from any kind of stress and oxidation, to preserve all the natural and delicate flavours of the fruit.”

Frederic Sigonneau, winemaker

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