Domaine de la Pinte

Domaine de la Pinte are pioneers of mindful winemaking in Arbois.

Established in 1952, it was Jura's famous combination of blue-marl and red clay soil that first drew founder (and geologist) Roger Martin to the region. Roger's son Pierre manages things at Domaine de la Pinte these days, and is renowned as one of the driving forces behind mindful winemaking in his native Jura. With 20 years of organic farming and 10 years of biodynamic practices under his belt, he leads a team that operate purely on a philosophy of minimal intervention.

His belief in biodynamics enables Pierre to coax the very best out of the region. Practices help loosen and aerate the heavy clay soils, which, while beneficial for the famed Savagnin grapes amongst others, can be difficult for winemakers to work with. His convictions have paid off. The range is an excellent example of what Arbois has to offer; elegant and thought-provoking, but still with that hit of acidity for which the Jura is so well known.

“A biodynamic estate is a living organism where every element is important: the soil, the plant, and the work of humans. This is the very definition of a terroir.”

Pierre Martin, founder

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