Conte Vistarino

Conte Vistarino is one of the best-known producers in Otrepo Pavese, Italy. This 3,000ha region in Lombardy is famous for specialising in Pinot Noir, and is the third-largest region for its production after Champagne and Burgundy.  In 1850, Count Augusto Giorgi di Vistarino was the first person to plant Pinot Noir here, the shoots imported directly from France, and so the sparkling wine tradition was started in the region.

Family owned since 1850, at Conte Vistarino they still constantly work at enhancing this much-loved grape while also respecting the territory and its traditions.

The estate is 826ha in total, of which only 100ha are made up of vineyards, and almost entirely covers the Municipality of Rocca de’ Giorgi. The rest of the land has been demarcated to be preserved, with large wooded areas remaining wild.

Nature lives in harmony with modern technology at Conte Vistarino, where a new state-of-the-art winery has been in use since 2017. Thanks to the modern equipment, whole-bunch grapes are processed exclusively by gravity.

The winery also has sustainability at its core, with a focus on mitigating, recovery and improving of the land. The sustainable winery uses solar energy and natural insulation. To keep a negative carbon footprint, and take care of the surrounding 1,000ha forest, they have also planted more than 590 new trees.

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