Chateau Beauregard

Chateau Beauregard is a perfect example of a Bordeaux estate that successfully balances tradition and modernisation.

The emblematic Knights Templar cross that adorns every bottle of Chateau Beauregard may originate from the 11th century, when the Order of the Knights of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem farmed these lands, but its ascension to one of the best of Pomerol is a more recent occurrence. The Moulin and Cathiard families joined together in 2014 to take over this historic estate, aiming to restore its deserved prestige and reveal its charm, both to professionals and to the general public.

Today all Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes at the estate are farmed organically, spread across 17.5ha divided into the plots that are tended on an individual basis, according to their specificities. A new, high-performing vat cellar has been established, allowing for extreme precision in harvesting and vinification. The final wines are beautifully fresh and elegant, expressive of their clay-gravel terroir, and have huge ageing potential. 

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