Caves Emile Cheysson

The Cheysson story is, above all, one of family.

In 1868, Emile Cheysson -  a brilliant industrialist, statesman and sociologist - acquired a winery in the Rhone Valley. Previously, the property had belonged to the monks of Cluny Abbey, who had cleared the hills of Chiroubles to estalish a priory, before being uprooted during the French Revolution. This time marked the beginning of a remarkable family adventure, and for more than 150 years, the Cheysson family has continued to modernise their farm and develop their wine production.

Quality, excellence, and tradition remain the watchwords at the winery to this day. Their terroir is exceptional; located on beautiful hills 400m above sea level, the soils give rise to characteristic, award-winning wines that speak to the quality of the land they came from.

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