Ca Preella

The Ca Preella range take their inspiration from a very special estate, surrounded by vineyards, where the Lamberti story began.

The estate lies in Cavaion, Verona, notable for its proximity to Lake Garda and affectionately known as 'small stone', or Tenute Preella, in local dialect. Stones are a defining feature of this estate; left by a glacier that retreated years ago, they characterise the soils of the region and transfer an undeniable minerality to the wines.

Although the original estate dates back to the mid-1500s, when its famed farmhouse was built, it was 1994 when the Lamberti team built a modern pressing plant with state-of-the-art machinery, where they could produce quality wines. The farmhouse itself has become Casa della Lamberti, where visitors can enjoy a glass of Ca Preella in the Italian sun.

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