Bottega may have their foundations in grappa, but their centuries of knowledge shine through in their wines.

Bottega's 'forefather', Andrea, began cultivating vines all the way back in 1635, when he made his first plantings in one of the world's most beautiful regions: the hills of Molinetto della Croda, Refrontolo. After cultivating their own land for centuries, the family first became noted for their ventures into grappa making, being pioneers of creative technical innovations like the first monovariety grappa. 

In 1983, Sandro Bottega started to raise the profile of Bottega through creating new distillation systems, which resulted in the reduction of alcohol in grappa, making it softer and more delicate, as well as adding a glass-blowing facility to the site. The next ten years saw their expansion into wine, and the move to Conegliano, Veneto, as they began to create Prosecco alongside traditional grappas. Their Prosecco range is light, delicate, and bottled in unique and eye-catching packaging. 

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