Baron De Villeboerg

Baron de Villeboerg is a leading example of the potential and quality of co-operative house champagne.

Based in Ville Sur Arce, deep in the south of France's most famous sparkling region, the co-operative CVCA encompasses over 130 families of generational Champagne winemakers. Launched in 1956, the spirit of the house was rooted in quality, determination to uphold high standards, and a belief in the potential of the Chassenay d'Arce region with its mild climate and dominant Pinot Noir. 

This enduring spirit remains at the heart of CVCA today, and is clearly visible in every bottle of Baron de Villeboerg champagne. Dry, pleasant, and well balanced, it offers up a sweet and soft lemon palate with grapefruit and strawberry cap notes, rounded by subtle bready undertones. 

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