In 1988, Ed Carr embarked on a journey to craft an exceptional Australian sparkling wine.

His philosophy was simple: create something that could stand against the world's best. Arras sources fruit from across Tasmania's premium cold climate regions, and the quality is evident: ancient soils and pristine environments produce grapes of a purity rarely found elsewhere, and each location bestows its own nuances of character on the wine.

With over 100 trophies, Ed's now Australia's most awarded sparkling winemaker, and his influence on Tasmania being recognised globally should not be underestimated. In fact, his foresight and firm belief was the driving force behind the company's 1955 decision to produce Tasmanian prestige cuvee, which evolved into the House of Arras range.

“These wines express their age, they express their origin. This gives Arras a uniqueness which is our style - it's an essence, it's a magical part of winemaking to be able to take wines to this age.”

Ed Carr, winemaker

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