Altos de Jose Ignacio

Altos de Jose Ignacio boast one of the most unique terroirs in the entire Bibendum portfolio.

Altos de Jose Ignacio is nestled in Uruguay’s Maldonado region, an oasis of magical beaches and small villages on the Atlantic coast. Next to the idyllic fishing town of Jose Ignacio, the vines are tempered by cooling ocean breezes, creating the perfect combination of countryside and ocean. This unique terroir and maritime climate is ideal for making premium wines with a rare freshness and purity.

A small, family-run business, Altos de Jose Ignacio had its first commercial harvest in 2015. In typical Uruguayan fashion, the wines are created without the addition of any chemicals. The characteristics of the terroir display beautifully throughout their range, a source of endless pride for winemaker German Bruzzone.  

“‘It is a privilege to be able to produce wines with a strong identity, expressing the inimitable character and features of the terroir.’ ”

German Bruzzone, winemaker

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