Alphonse Mellot

Alphonse Mellot is one of those rare, cool producers crafting excellent whites, reds and rosés in a very hands-on, biodynamic approach. Add to that their 500 years of winemaking experience, and it’s understandable as to why they are beacons of quality in Loire Valley wine production.

Now, 18th generation Alphonse Mellot and his son Alphonse Jr, tend their 47ha of vineyards that stretch across the upper Loire organically and biodynamically. They own a lot of individual vineyard plots, the most remarkable of them being the La Moussiere vineyard.

La Moussiere is located in the upper Sancerre and has been classified as a unique category among the region’s wines. A historic and beautiful site, this 30ha single vineyard is south facing, with rolling slopes and deep, limestone-rich kimmeridgian soil.

Interestingly, alongside whites and reds, they craft a 100% Pinot Noir rosé from the La Moussiere vineyard. It's an elegant, fresh and structured wine, with aromas of red berries and spicy hints; mellow and full with a fresh finish.

While Sancerre remains predominantly white, Mellot has a near-equal split between white and red production. His Pinot Noir’s are known for their Burgundian style and elegance, while the rosés sing of fresh red berries and spice.

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