Episode 2 - Biodynamic wine

Welcome to Bibendum Radio! In this new series of podcast debates, we invite industry experts to discuss a variety of hot topics.

In episode two we gathered wine geeks from across the trade to talk about perceptions of biodynamic wine, the troubles with definition and certification, who is wanting these wines, and whether it's really worth the extra spend for consumers.

The experts: 
Sarah Mansourian, Bibendum supplier manager
Gergely Barsi Szabo, Bibendum Fine Wine sales
Christina Schneider, Bibendum ambassador
Alois Clemens Lageder, Alois Lageder winemaker
Charlotte Wilde, opening a new wine bar this spring
Gus Pollard, The 10 Cases

The wines: 
Lageder Forra Manzoni Bianco 2015
Kreydenweiss Krit Gewurz 2016