Vivid Producer of the Month: Graham Beck

'Celebrate what matters' isn't just a marketing tagline for the team at Graham Beck. What matters for this leading MCC producer is an environmentally responsible approach to both farming and wine production, and the long-term safeguarding of their precious natural heritage - and they make sure this mantra is celebrated in everything they do.

A deep-seated care for both people and nature has always been embedded in the core values of the estate, and has given risen to several pioneering programmes that are designed to nurture, protect, and conserve local land - as well as encourage others to do the same.


Water is viewed as one of the most precious resources at the Graham Beck estate. The team consistently implement strategies to measure and reduce water consumption, in an effort to conserve limited resources. Around three million litres of water from the farm, cellar, and even neighbouring land is recycled every month, and re-used for vineyard irrigation. 


1,200 solar panels were installed on the roof of Graham Beck's Madeba 3 cellar in 2016. The installation was part of the estate's continued commitment towards sustainability and lowering their carbon footprint. Every day, these solar panels produce as much energy as would create one ton of CO2, if produced in a coal plant.


Graham Beck run many local projects aimed at raising awareness around ethical farming. One such project is the Rooiberg Breede River Conservancy, an initiative led by 28 local farms with the goal of protecting 16,000 hectares of the unique Cape Floral Kingdom's natural flora and fauna, encompassing over 8,500 endemic plants and several endangered species of animal.

As one of the first farms to be awarded WWF Conservation Champion Status, Graham Beck use minimal intervention techniques in the winery, as well as conserving an impressive 1,987 hectares of land.


For the team at Graham Beck, quality and integrity go hand-in-hand. The Graham & Rhona Beck Development Trust was established by the winery, to benefit and empower the wider communities that surround the estate.

The Trust's work is carried out with the aim of investing in future growth and sustainability. Bursaries are available for both adult and child education, with support services in place to enable people to access skill development programmes. The Trust also supports charities who work with senior citizens, women in need, working parents, and those in need of counselling or therapeutic services. More information can be found about these services here.

As part of our sustainability initiative, 'Vivid', every month we will highlight a producer from our portfolio who embodies mindfulness in winemaking. Check out the Vivid hub for more information.

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