Fever-Tree and the Evolution of the Spritz

Say 'spritz', and the familiar reddish tones of Aperol, Campari and the like may be the first thing that springs to mind. But, this is a category that's fast evolving, and established brands like Fever-Tree are wasting no time in coming up with inventive new products to offer eager consumers.

A birthchild of the popular aperitivo trend, the spritz category is ever-changing. Originally, a spritz drink was understood to be a variation on a cocktail made up of three parts; sparkling wine, liqueur, and soda water. But, in recent years, many bars and restaurants are switching this up and putting their own twist on things, aiming to put their own stamp on an increasingly popular category that's seeing 12.5% growth year on year. 

Mixer market revolutionaries

So, while many venues are choosing to experiment with various sparkling substitutes or spirits, Fever-Tree have opted to focus on the less-considered element of a spritz: the soda.

Despite providing the carbonation that characterises a spritz drink, it's rare to find venues that stock more than one type of soda - and largely, this may be down to the fact that it's hard to find premium, quality options on the market. Fever-Tree shot to fame in recent years as the pioneers of premium tonic, and have kept up with gin's booming popularity by releasing a range of flavoured options to complement and enhance any botanical. Now that restaurants across the UK have got their tonic ranges up to scratch, Fever-Tree are turning their attention to soda - and the increasingly popular spritz market is their first stop. 

Opening up the category 

Fever-Tree's aim with their four new sodas is to offer venues a chance to create a spritz using just two ingredients, rather than three. Each option in the new range is infused with natural fruit flavours, carefully handpicked from areas with provenance, and selected to enhance the taste profiles of spirits they are matched with. It is these flavours that act as a replacement for the fruit profile providing by sparkling wine in a classic spritz.

It's a stroke of genius for venues looking to keep their serves lower in alcohol. With 65% of consumers in the UK trying to live healthier lifestyles, and 40% actively attempting to cut down on alcohol as part of this, mixing multiple types of alcohol may just not make the cut for many anymore.

Speedy spritzes

It's not just hitting the low-and-no market that makes the Fever-Tree soda serves an ideal option for venues looking to expand their spritz menus. With Christmas fast approaching in a year where the festive season is likely to be more important than ever before, many sites will want to maximise their lists to draw in crowds. 

But, in a month renowned for being busy beyond compare, introducing new, three-step spritzes isn't practical. By providing a solution that takes one of these steps out, Fever-Tree are opening up the spritz category to a range of fast-service venues, allowing them to tick another box for their customers.

The products

The new range encompasses four flavour combinations, each of which are designed to uplift and enhance the unique flavour profiles of spirits they are served with. Meet the new sodas here...

Mexican Lime

Crafted with zesty lime and floral yuzu, this is a uniquely refreshing mixer. Ingredients are hand-picked from the Yucatan Valley in Mexico, and the Shikoku Island and Oita regions of Japan.

Suggested serve: Mix with tequila and garnish with a wedge of lime for a Lime & Tequila Spritz.

Raspberry & Rose

A delicate, perfumed soda water, perfect for mixing with pink gin. Sweet raspberries from Washington, USA, are blended with petals hand-picked from Bulgaria's damask rose valleys, creating subtle layers of intensely floral flavours. 

Suggested serve: Try mixing with pink gin and ice, and garnishing with raspberries for a Pink Gin Spritz.

Italian Blood Orange

Juicy citrus meets a unique herbal character in this sophisticated mixer. Blood oranges from Italy are blended with red mandarin and bergamot, giving rise to complex layers of flavour.

Suggested serve: Mix with Aperol and garnish with a slice of blood orange for an Italian Blood Orange Spritz. A perfect alternative to an Aperol spritz that's lower in alcohol content.


White Grape & Apricot

Sweet and herbaceous, a Pinot Grigio grape base pairs perfectly with sweet Italian apricots and French verbena, in this fruity and floral soda.

Suggested serve: We love this with white vermouth, garnished with a lemon twist and mint leaves in a White Grape Spritz. 

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