Harvest 2022: Uruguay

Similarly to Argentina and Chile, the climatic changeability in Uruguay has made 2022 a challenging year for the country’s wine growers. But thankfully, worries of what could result from the dry season followed by concentrated summer rain didn’t materialize, and Bodega Brisas obtained, yet again, fruit of exceptional quality.  

Altos de Jose Ignacio

A winter of consistent low temperatures ensured uniform bud-break, but the unmerciful dry spring forced Altos de Jose Ignacio to use irrigation in order to supply the vines with the water they needed to develop their normal cycle. With the end of spring came rainfall, and the excellent natural drainage of the Uruguayan producer’s soils allowed the removal of any potential water excess. The summer began with warm, clear days and long hours of sun exposure, which allowed the clusters to continue ripening properly.

“January ended with frequent and relatively heavy rains given the natural characteristics of the site,” said Cecilia Curi, Export Manager at Altos de Jose Ignacio. “The combined effect of our farming efforts, the virtues of our soil, topography and the constant sea breeze from the Atlantic, allowed us to once again obtain fruit of exceptional quality.”

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