5 ways to capitalise on the growing brunch trend

Brunch has been the height of lazy weekend decadence for decades. But when the Manhattan trend for pairing it with unlimited booze reached the UK, it achieved cult status. Enter the bottomless brunch! A magical combination of indulgence, an excuse to drink before midday and the challenge of getting your money’s worth.

The popularity of bottomless brunch has exploded over the last 12 months, with Google searches for the term increasing by 50% in that time. It’s increasingly becoming a staple weekend activity, so how can you tap into the trend, making the most of this (traditionally) quiet time before lunch? We met up with Shaun Johnson of Tanner & Co. in London’s Bermondsey Street to bring you five tips for making bottomless brunch work for you.

1. Keep it simple, stupid

Be savvy with your drinks selection and think about how long they take to make and serve. Pre-mixed cocktails like Bloody Marys are quick to finish off with ice and a garnish, while Mimosas can be made on the spot. For Shaun, Prosecco works fantastically – “it’s really popular and super easy service-wise. It also feels very lavish for our customers when staff are constantly going over to top them up.” For super-fast sparkling wine pours, try Bibendum’s key kegs for bubbles on tap.

2. Watch the clock

If you’re going to offer unlimited booze, it’s probably a good idea to put a time limit on table bookings. Two hours is long enough for your customers to feel relaxed, but means things won’t get out of hand. This way, you might even be able to get two sets of covers per brunch.

3. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

It makes sense to prepare for a busy brunch sitting the night before. For Shaun, this is crucial – “even if everyone’s really knackered and it’s 2am the night before, it has a massive impact on the flow of service the following day”.

4. Get your staff on board

Bottomless brunch can get hectic, so it’s vital that your staff are properly briefed and fully on board. Shaun recommends making it easy and enjoyable for them – “if the staff member is enjoying the company of the customers, and it’s easy for them to keep on top of their service, then the customer has a great time”.

5. Stand out from the crowd

With a growing number of restaurants offering bottomless brunch, consumers really are becoming spoilt for choice. So in this competitive world, it pays to stand out from the crowd.

Shaun explains that the brunch experience at Tanner & Co. is unique for its ‘home from home’ approach, which makes customers feel welcome and pampered. “You arrive and you’ve got a croissant, a bottle of orange juice, a jug of coffee, a little granola yoghurt pot waiting on the table… so your experience has started before you’ve even sat down. Then we explain how the menu works, before cracking on with those all important drinks!”

Listen to our podcast to hear more from the team at Tanner and Co. 

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