Characters & Cocktails: Summer Series

Welcome to our Bibendum series of 'Characters & Cocktails', brought to your attention by some amazing kings and queens of our industry. Our Summer Series features five of the most popular cocktails in the UK: Pornstar Martini, Amaretto Sour, Negroni, White Lady, and Espresso Martini.

These classic cocktails all have unique, entertaining stories. From wars and prohibition, to glitz and glamour, these cocktails are more than just drinks - they are timeless pieces of art. Serving beautiful and delicious cocktails isn't just reserved for London's top bars - so we are working with a variety of brands and recipe suggestions that will make these timeless cocktails work in any hospitality setting!

Have a look through our guide below, and keep an eye out for interviews and behind-the-scenes chats with our inspiring Characters, exploring the magic of iconic cocktail creating. 

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