Gain wine confidence with our e-learning offer

“When should I make the wine recommendation?”
“What words do I use?”
“Can I taste wine like a professional?”
“Where do I start with food and wine pairing?”
“How do I explain price differences to a guest?”

Do these questions sound familiar? If they do, and you aren’t quite sure how to answer them, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

‘Gaining the confidence to talk about wine’ is a series of over 100 short, bite-sized resources that we have designed to answer all the questions you come across on a daily basis in your job, and give you the tools to recommend wines with confidence.

Specifically designed for those who work within the hospitality trade, we cover topics that are really relevant to you, covering the following areas:

• Getting confident about wine
• Tasting wine
• Describing wine to a guest
• Pairing wine with food
• Serving wine professionally
• Responding to questions
• Types of wine customers
• Price differences in wine
• Wine myths - fact or fiction?
• Reasons behind the flavours
• Deciphering wine labels.

What’s more is that you don’t need to take a day off work, or pay hundreds of pounds to get access to the knowledge you need to do your job as well as possible. Our e-learning can be accessed at any time, any place. Both on a PC or on mobile for when you are out and about.

Just like all of our training here at Bibendum, these modules are designed to be informative, engaging and most of all fun.

Sound interesting?

Working with CODE Hospitality, we’ve put together an offer of 33% off for the three month subscription, meaning you only pay £23.45, instead of £35.

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