Staff stories

Our staff come from diverse backgrounds. But one thing they have in common: they are passionate about what they do and the part they play in Bibendum’s success.

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Alex Kostopoulos – Assistant buyer

I joined Bibendum in August 2011, having just moved to London – this was my first job interview. I was offered the job on the same day and decided to take it and get started on paying my bills. I have a Masters in Sociology and I worked in demand planning in South Africa.

Joining Bibendum I started in the Demand Planning Department, after which my role was moved to Stock Control. I finally made the jump to the Buying Department. Even though I wasn’t that interested in wine when I joined the company, over the course of many years I developed a love for wine by going to the many tastings offered to the staff at Bibendum.

I now love wine and working directly with the product. I really like the people that this industry attracts and there are lots of opportunities to taste amazing wines from all around the world.

Julian Bicknell – North London Account Manager

I joined the London sales team at Bibendum in March 2017. I studied Geography at UCL during which time I became serious about wine, eventually writing my dissertation on the UK wine industry with a special focus on quality English fizz. After graduating in 2011 I did a short stint with Slurp, an online retailer of wines and spirts. From there I joined the wine team at Hawksmoor and went on to manage and curate the team and list at Air Street from its inception. That was an amazing five years of my life to which I owe a lot.

The choice to join Bibendum was a difficult one but essentially the breadth of experience and knowledge at Bibendum was a clincher for me. The opportunity to learn other channels of sales, work directly with producers and become part of a diverse and far-reaching sales team was also a huge draw. In a nutshell Bibendum is great for its people, the producers, the portfolio and the array of opportunities.

Alexandra Corcoran – Customer Marketing Manager

I wanted to relocate to London from Suffolk and joined the Bibendum team in July 2015, after working in the marketing and commercial team at Greene King plc in Bury St Edmunds. Bibendum offered me a chance to develop my marketing career alongside my passion for wine!

My first role was as Customer Marketing manager for the Hotel and Catering channel; this involved working on projects for a diverse range of customers such as Wimbledon, the Jockey Club and Millennium Copthorne Hotels.

The structure of the team has since changed and I now work with customers across all channels. This was an exciting development and I really enjoy the opportunity to work on projects for premium customers such as Nobu and Odette’s. As the Bibendum product portfolio grew, so did the breadth of our roles, working across all drinks categories, including wine, beer and spirits.

One of the many reasons it’s great to work at Bibendum would be the continued opportunity to learn during new product tastings, while also meeting and working with producers and winemakers. Having a team of designers in house is also invaluable. Not only is this the most efficient way of working, it also makes for an inspiring creative environment.