Staff stories

Our staff come from diverse backgrounds. But one thing they have in common: they are passionate about what they do and the part they play in Bibendum’s success.

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Patrick McCarthy - Business Intelligence Analyst 

I developed a love of wine during a couple of years living in Spain and France, and when I moved to London I knew that I wanted to find a job in the wine industry.  I joined Bibendum in early 2011 in the customer ordering team. Over 5 years I have worked in various departments within the business from sales operations to finance.  From the finance team I moved to my current role in the business intelligence team, where we provide technology-led solutions and data to our colleagues to help inform decision making.

Working at Bibendum has allowed me to develop a specialised career in business intelligence whilst staying in an industry that I love.

Despite not working with wine day-to-day I still have a passion for drinks. I try to get to as many tastings as I can and love trying new wines when they arrive.

Christian Robertson – Account Manager

It seems like I already had a long career in the wine industry by the time I was a teenager.  My father owned a wine distribution company and my uncle is a winemaker in my home state of Idaho (look at a map, it’s not in the mid-west) so I had all kinds of jobs growing up that were wine-related. Just after I finished school, I did a few winemaking stints in Oregon, Chile, and France and realised winemaking is not quite as glamourous as it looks so I took a few years to travel the globe, taste the wines (and the rums) and find adventure. After padding my CV with jobs; commercial fishing in Alaska, bar tending in Puerto Rico, and politic-ing in Washington DC, I ended up in Bermuda running a wine import business, which gave me a chance to do my favourite job; working with the people that make wine and selling their labour of love. Five years in Bermuda was enough and the London wine market came calling. Bibendum was at the top of companies I wanted to work for and I was lucky enough to take a position as an Account Manager shortly after moving to the UK. I now work as a Key Account Manager and look after beverage programs for some of the most creative, successful and talented groups and indies in the country.

Anna Crozier – Customer Marketing Manager

After attending my first wine tasting whilst still in my school uniform, I knew the drinks industry was the place for me! However life took over and few degrees and corporate marketing jobs later I found myself bored with working in industries I wasn’t interested in and decided to make a change.

There isn’t an abundance of jobs in wine in Belfast, where I’m from, so I decided to make the move to the big smoke and find my dream job, and a Customer Marketing Manager position for Bibendum came up.

Almost two years later I’m still a part of Bibendum, working with our customers to help them drive premiumisation and deliver improved sales and profitability. Bibendum is somewhere I could never get bored of, there is always a new approach to take, a different wine to taste, or a novel trend to discover.