Valdivieso Single Valley Lot Viognier 2011

Product code: 17VAL71B2011

Distinctive perfumed aromas of ripe apricots and floral overtones. Subtle hints of vanilla with a touch of spice. A well balanced wine with true ripe Viognier characteristics and a nice crisp acidity.

  • Country:Chile
  • Region:Maule Valley
  • Vintage:2011
  • ABV:13.5%
  • Residual sugar:2.0 g/L
  • Colour:White
  • Bottle Size:75 cl
  • Grape Variety:Viognier

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Taste Scale: 6

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Valdeevee-esoh Single Valley Lot Rezerve Veeyonyay

Product guide note

This wine is made from the Viognier grape variety which means that it is quite rich and full for a white wine. It has flavours and aromas of apricots and peaches and a crisp, clean finish.

Production information

Producer: Valdivieso

Based in Lontue, the company has a wealth of vineyards and the quality of the terroir is shown by the single vineyard wines. The whole range encapsulates everything that Chile excels at: rich, vibrant flavours and smooth, glossy textures - and the wines deserve the multitude of gongs they have picked up in recent years.

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Production note

Whole bunch pressed and partially fermented in oak

  • Vegetarian Yes

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