Juve y Camps

Juvé & Camps is indisputably the worldwide leader of Gran Reserva Cava. This family-owned, 100% estate-based producer is revered in Spain for its painstaking focus on quality and sustainability, and its important role within the country’s conversation on fine wine in general.

A winegrowing family for over 200 years, Juvé first started producing sparkling wines under their name in 1921. They have been pioneers in the viticulture and production of Cava since then and, today, while Gran Reserva only accounts for 2% of all Cava production, it remains the focus of the estate, representing a 36% market share of the category.

Juvé also has a powerful history in the United States. The father of fourth generation and CEO Meritxell Juvé (or “Txell”, as she is known), Joan Juvé, spent decades traveling across the globe building the awareness of Juvé’s quality Cavas. Juvé has had important success and sales in the U.S. market for decades, and continues to represent the majority of Gran Reserva Cava sold in the country.

Juvé & Camps farms its 283 ha under a certified organic regime (likely the largest producer entirely certified as such in Spain), hand harvests all grapes, and goes well beyond the 30 months of minimum aging required by the Gran Reserva category.

The flagship wine “Reserva de la Familia” (translating to ‘Reserve of the Family’) is the leading Gran Reserva in the world, always vintage-dated, and all the more notable because of the quality needed to produce it without dosage (‘Brut Nature’ designation). Juvé & Camps also produces a Brut Rosé made from 100% Pinot Noir. It was originally developed for the United States and has seen a growing success ever since. At the top of the pyramid is the prestige cuvée called “Gran Juvé”, a specific and limited expression of their best plots with even longer aging (42 months) that showcases the intensity and complexity that Cava can achieve.

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