Domaine Rijckaert

Domaine Rijckaert was created in 1998 by Jean Rijckaert, a passionate Belgian wine producer. In addition to 4 ha in South Burgundy, Domaine Rijckaert cultivates 6 ha of vineyards in the Jura, where Jean fell in love with the unique and outstanding terroirs.

Since 2013, Jean has gradually been passing on the torch of his passion to Florent Rouve, sharing the “savoir-faire” that has shaped the incredible reputation of his wines: restricted yields, manual harvesting, slow and moderate pressings, indigenous flora, long wine ageing, and... a few other precious secrets!

Barrels used are generally between seven and ten years old, while the wines are barely touched with batonage or racking. The wines undergo no fining, minimal filtration and sulphur addition, and are usually released after everyone else releases their vintage.

Domaine Rijckaert’s careful and natural winemaking approach aims to express the typicity of the grape and the specificity of its terroir.

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