Domaine Félines Jourdan

A nature-rich terroir and generations of family know-how characterise the entirely unique Domaine Félines Jourdan.

The domaine has been owned and run by the Jourdan family since 1983. The Jourdans are renowned winemakers in the region, with several generations having cultivated vines and produced grapes in the Languedoc. 

Félines Jourdan is based in Meze, situated right on the Mediterranean coast, at the edge of the Thau Lagoon. A picturesque body of water, this unique location is home to an abundance of rich marine life including oysters and mussels, as well as flamingos. Recognising the importance of these wonderful natural surroundings, Félines Jourdan practices sustainable viticulture, and are committed to protecting not only their vineyards, but also the lagoon and the nearby bird reserve. Sustainable agricultural methods are used, and the winery runs regular wastewater treatments. Current winemaker Claude Jourdan also runs a replanting programme, using improved varieties.

This unique region is ideal for crisp whites and bright reds, with the proximity to the coast guaranteeing essential sea breezes that cool vines, and keep temperature variation to a minimum. As one of the few independent producers in the terroir, Félines Jourdan own land in all three appellations: Félines, Les Castrades, and La Coulette, resulting in a fantastic balance and character in every wine they make. Yet it isn't just this ideal terroir that is reflected in their fantastic range. Every year at this domaine is different, with the winemaking team adapting to what each vintage offers, and ensuring they are only ever working with the newest technology. By blending this with traditional vinification techniques and the family's longstanding passion for winemaking, they ensure a blend of complexity and originality is evident in every wine they create.

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