Bodega Mustiguillo

Premium, regional wines are the order of the day at Bodegas Mustiguillo.

The Mustiguillo story started back in 1972, when the Sarrion-Martinez family bought the Terrerazo estate. To the perplexity and scorn of his local community, owner and winemaker Toni Sarrion made the decision to focus his attentions on the Bobal grape, which at the time was infamously linked to mass-produced wines of inferior quality.  Yet, Toni's visits to world-renowned wine regions had opened his eyes to the potential this once-maligned grape had for producing great wines. The Terrerazo estate, now named Finca Terrerazo, is the heart of Bodega Mustiguillo to this day, boasting ancient Bobal vines planted hundreds of metres above sea level which, in Toni's words, inspire authenticity. Terrerazo was awarded a DOP in 2010, making it the first Vino de Pago single estate wine DO in the Mediterranean.

Following his success with Bobal, he expanded into his second estate, Finca Calvestra, where focus is on bringing back another Mediterranean variety: the native Merseguera grape. He introduced a series of unprecedented, revolutionary ideas to the region, from using vegetable covers in the vineyards to measuring success by leaf coverage, to personally selecting the year's vintage. Although it took 4 years for Toni to produce his first sellable wine, luck was always on his side, and success followed swiftly. From then on, it was just a matter of upholding the high standards already established.

Today, Toni Sarrion's name has become synonymous with Spanish viticulture. Vineyards are grown sustainably, and with undeniable soul; a natural, sustainable attitude that promotes respect for the environment is upheld at all times. All Bodega Mustiguillo wines are certified organic, and are a pure expression of their surroundings, with a rare, elegant and delicate Mediterranean character.

“It takes sensitivity and an exceptional vineyard to make a truly great wine.”

Toni Sarrion, Owner and Winemaker

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