Operetto Garganega Pinot Grigio 2016

Product code: 10OPE10B2016

Floral nose of jasmine and honeysuckle that is fresh and zesty on the palate. Good structure with a mineral finish.

  • Country:Italy
  • Region:Veneto
  • Vintage:2016
  • ABV:12%
  • Colour:White
  • Product Type:Still
  • Bottle Size:75 cl
  • Grape Variety:Garganega, Pinot Grigio
  • Closure:Screwcap

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Taste scale & description

Taste Test is our exclusive wine & customer profiling system. Wines are scored according to their power and intensity. The score runs from 0 (luscious, sweet wines) up to 12 (full-bodied, intense dry reds).

Taste Scale: 4

You prefer your wines to be light and refreshing and you don't really like wine to be too high in alcohol.

How to say it

Operettoh Garganaygah Peenoh Greejeeoh

Product guide note

At the moment the whole world loves Pinot Grigio! This wine is light and refreshing with floral and apple flavours. There is also another Italian grape variety in the blend called Garganega to add some extra flavour to the Pinot Grigio.

Production information

Producer: Operetto

Operetto is produced for Bibendum by a leading cooperative. With stainless steel at every turn, state-of-the-art analysis labs and screwcap bottling lines - you name it, they've got it. Bibendum works very closely with the team here to produce clean, modern - but typically Italian Pinot Grigio.

Production note

The grapes are gently crushed and then fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. No oak is used at any point.

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