Louis Roederer Cristal 2005

Product code: 7ROE60B2005

Intense and delicate revealing a clean and well integrated mixture of flavours of honey, cocoa and lightly toasted hazelnuts. A savoury explosion of ripe fruit revealing red fruit, white chocolate, caramel and Danish pastry typical of Cristal. Silky concentrated texture under pinned by an intense, powerful and vinous structure but retaining its elegance.

  • Country:France
  • Region:Champagne
  • Vintage:2005
  • ABV:12%
  • Colour:White
  • Product Type:Champagne
  • Bottle Size:75 cl
  • Grape Variety:Chardonnay
  • Closure:Mushroom Cork

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Taste scale & description

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Taste Scale: 6

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How to say it

Looee Roederer Cris-taal

Product guide note

Cristal has become a super brand, identified by its presence at all the best showbiz parties. It is made with superb attention to detail and has an intense creamy mousse (or fizz) and masses of fine strings of bubbles.

Production information

Producer: Louis Roederer

Today, Louis Roeder is able to grow more than two thirds of its grapes on its own vineyards and the house has now applied a ‘chateau policy’ consisting of offering nothing but wines of the highest quality, accepting that this will inevitably mean lower quantities of wine.

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Production note

The grapes for Cristal are taken from exclusively Grand Cru vineyards, 15-20% oak fermentation with a dosage of about 10 grams per litre. The wine is left to mature on its lees for an average of five years and spends a minimum period of eight months in the cellar after disgorgement.

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