Fondo Antico Aprile Rosato 2011

Product code: 10FOND20B2011

Lovely aromas of pomegranate and flowers. The palate is filled with bright cherry fruit flavours, great freshness and acidity.

  • Country:Italy
  • Region:Sicily
  • Vintage:2011
  • ABV:13%
  • Colour:Rose
  • Product Type:Still
  • Bottle Size:75 cl
  • Grape Variety:Nero D'Avola
  • Closure:Natural Cork

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Taste Scale: 7

You enjoy a broad range of wines that are rounded and rich with bright fruity flavours.

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Fondoh Anteekoh Fondoh Anteekoh Apreeleh Rozartoh

Product guide note

This wine is made from indigenous Sicilian grape varieties, the most well-known of which is Nero D’Avola. This wine in light and refreshing with red cherry flavours.

Production information

Producer: Fondo Antico

The hills above Trapani in north-western Sicily are home to the beautiful Fondo Antico vineyards. The wines made are very much indicative of the new wave of Sicilian winemaking: exciting, accessible and, above all, great fun to drink.

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Production note

12 hours of cold maceration on the skins followed by vinification ‘in white’, (of the juice minus the skins)

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