Delivery and Logistics Policies

Our delivery and logistics partner Tradeteam have developed the below processes and measures in line with government social distancing guidelines, to ensure all staff, visitors and delivery crews work safely while meeting COVID-19 safety requirements.

Please be aware that they may be subject to change as Tradeteam adapt and improve the precautionary measures.

Transport and warehouse measures

  •  Segregated warehouse shift times 
  •  One way system where possible on sites, for pedestrians entering and exiting 
  •  2m distance markings on all walkways and corridors 
  •  2m social distancing strictly enforced throughout site 
  •  Floor markings and seating plans for all offices and meeting rooms 
  •  Non-essential doors propped open 
  •  Increased hygiene regime including dedicated cleaning of touch points 
  •  Contactless key control for visiting drivers 
  •  Hygiene and sanitation stations at site entrances, exits, and throughout the building 
  •  Dedicated COVID-19 noticeboards and daily briefings 
  •  Independent validation of COVID-19 safety arrangements 

Further transport and delivery measures

  •  Vehicle interiors cleaned at beginning and end of every working day 
  •  Hand sanitiser in all vehicles 
  •  Staggered driver start times 
  •  All delivery drivers operating in the public domain will be provided with surgical masks for use on a voluntary basis
  •  When a driver operates as part of a 2-man crew, the use of surgical masks is mandatory for both crew members when within 2 metres of tehir colleague (e.g. when in their vehicle cab or performing 2-man lifts)
  •  Delivery crews are to remain 2 metres away from members of the public at all times and deliveries are not to be made when the custoemr is in their cellar

Changes to pre-COVID-19 delivery process

There are some important differences to the usual delivery process to ensure clear proof of delivery is captured without passing over the ePOD device:

  •  Where possible, drivers will call ahead to confirm that no-one on site has been quarantined or is self-isolating. If unable to call in advance, drivers will ask for confirmation on arrival at site. This is particularly important for sites that are also residential properties
  •  A printed copy of the Off-Loading document will be provided for each customer
  •  Customers will check their order off against this paperwork 
  •  Where there are 2-man crews, only one member of the team will handle/use the ePOD device for the entire shift 
  •  The customer does not handle the ePOD device 
  •  Any discrepancies are discussed at a distance with the crew and marked on the paperwork and the ePOD device 
  •  The customer prints name and puts signature on the paperwork, and writes the number of delivery issues below the signature (a new printed box is being added to the Off-Loading documen to allow this)
  •  The paperwork is placed flat so that the driver or mate can approach and photograph the printed name and signature 
  •  The completed Off-Loading document is returned by the customer 
  •  The ePOD email to the customer will include the photographed signature/name
  •  Gloves will be worn by the crew 
  •  There will be no sharing of pens (between driver/mate and with customer)
  •  Crews will be equipped in the cab with cleaning wipes