Market Insights – What’s it All About?

Market Insights

Our Market Insights team has the information to understand who your consumers are, what they want to be drinking and how you can stand out from the crowd. Our insights tell us what’s selling now; and what’s likely to sell in the future.

Our approach to insights focuses on the consumers in your local area. We have spent years collating our data to build up an unrivalled understanding of what UK wine consumers actually want to buy.

How we can help you

Our Market Insights team can:

•    Help you put your business in context, and understand the size of the market in your local area
•    Understand what customers in your specific area want to drink, and how much they are prepared to pay so you can ensure your offering stays ahead of the competition
•    Use our data to help you identify locations for new sites should you wish to expand

How we do it

We use over 30 sources of data – from the latest industry statistics to Bibendum’s own sales data and the results of our unique Taste Test survey. The best information is added into Bibendum Prospect, a unique online programme that can tell us who lives near your business, what they like to drink and how much money they spend when eating out.

We can then analyse that data on as large or small a geographic area as required, from an entire UK region to one specific postcode.

This allows us to understand the demands of consumers in your local area and see your business in the context of your nearest competitors.

Our mission is to help you list the right products for your consumers, to help you exceed their expectations and build loyalty amongst your customer base.

Discover how we bring all this together to create our UK Market & Consumer Report. This report provides an overview of the UK market and the trends that will be shaping what people eat and drink. Read more.


To find out how our Market Insights team can help your business, speak to your Account Manager or get in touch.

15th July 2014

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