Business Intelligence, Analytics, Research and Insight

Using our tools and expertise, we take data and turn it into information to make your drinks range work harder. We understand every customer who walks through your door, so can ensure they find the right product, in the right place, at the right price, while also maximizing your profit.

Our proprietary tools:

POURTRAITS - Consumer segmentation and community panel

We help our customers to see how their consumers spend their money and their time in the On Trade, Off Trade and burgeoning Third Space. Our pioneering three channel segmentation for all alcohol is the first of its kind in the UK market.

Our POURTRAITS Community is at the heart of our consumer-led approach to ensuring every sell is positioned in the right place at the right price.

OUTLET - Bottom-up model of the UK On Trade

We have a track record of delivering site level segmentations to inform consumer-focussed commercial decisions that increase both consumer enjoyment and partner returns. Using this approach helps inform everything: from the ranges we create, to the incentives we put in place for staff, to the order new sites should be refurbished, to identifying new site acquisitions for customer expansion.

PRODUCT - On Trade pricing tracker

Using PRODUCT we can tell you how your pricing stacks up against your competitors.

MODE - Top-down trend tracker
Rather than relying on sales data, which doesn’t reveal trends until after they’ve begun, we expertly analyse the latest wine lists of over 60 industry-leading venues, from cocktail bars to Michelin starred restaurants. With MODE we can see the next big trend in drinks before it happens.