Bollinger La Grande Annee 2005

Product code: 7BOL6B2005

A fantastic wine from a superb vintage, the Grande Annee is very precise, with a complex palate of citrus, grapefruit, fresh apples, and a rich core of almonds and baked bread.

  • Country:France
  • Region:Champagne
  • Vintage:2005
  • ABV:12%
  • Colour:White
  • Product Type:Champagne
  • Bottle Size:75 cl
  • Grape Variety:Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
  • Closure:Mushroom Cork

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Taste Scale: 6

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Bolinjer La Grand Annay

Product guide note

Bollinger is famous for making big, powerful wines with yeasty biscuity aromas and flavours with clean, crisp citrus fruit. This is their top-level vintage Champagne (meaning it is made from grapes from one particular year) and has even more complex, rich and lingering flavours than the standard non-vintage.

Production information

Producer: Bollinger

Today Bollinger remains one of the few independent family-owned and managed Champagne houses, with each family member passionate about safeguarding the distinctive style that sets Bollinger Champagne apart.

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Production note

Aged entirely in barrels. At Bollinger, only very high quality harvests become vintage. 2004 was quite a delicate year in Champagne, with a relatively dry winter and spring but a cold, wet end to the summer. The grapes were picked during a fine Indian summer which meant they were in an excellent state of health. All the conditions were favourable to give the grapes the special qualities necessary for the very best vintages. Cellar aged for more than twice the time required by the appellation.

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