Vivid Charter

The five point plan that governs our approach to sustainability

In the vineyard and the winery

We are committed to working with producers who share our beliefs about these issues and who adhere to sustainable methods in the vineyard and winery. Practices include organic and biodynamic viticulture, ISO 14001 certification, carbon emission reduction, water management, waste reduction and recycling, and ethical working conditions.

How we package the wine

We will seek innovative solutions to how wines are packaged, focusing on reduced glass weight. Currently 18% of our wine is bottled in the UK using a lightweight 356g bottle* with an average recycled content of 85% for green glass and 35% for clear glass.*Average UK wine bottle weight is 496g. Source: UK Waste & Resource Action Programme

How we ship and transport the wine

We will work very closely with our shipping partners to find ways to cut emissions, including increasing the amount of wine we ship in bulk to the UK and bottle here (18% of our total wine imports). Also to work with our customers and logistics partner to reduce miles travelled by delivery vans in the UK.

How we run our offices

We will carry out regular carbon audits of our office and working practices and ensure we are doing everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint. To increase the energy efficiency of office heating/cooling, systematically turn off lights and computers and increase recycling of paper, plastic and glass.

Inspiring people

We are committed to inspire everyone who works at, and with Bibendum, to change their behaviour both at work and at home. We will communicate our progress and the activity of our producers with interactive workshops, tastings, our website and published material.

If you want to know more about Vivid and our approach to sustainability, please get in touch.