1936 Biere

Product code: 431936GGLS

This is the UK’s only premium Swiss beer. It has a fresh, ultra clean crisp taste. A perfect accompaniment to any night out.

  • Country:Switzerland
  • Vintage:NV
  • ABV:4.7%
  • Bottle Size:33 cl

    1936 Biere

    Production information

    Producer: 1936 Biere

    1936 Biere

    Production note

    Swiss Stammheimer hops are brewed with barley grown 1650m above sea level up in the Swiss Alps. The high altitude allows the barley to ripen later in the season, which means it has more time to develop complex flavours. The beer is made by hand, without the use of heavy industrial treatment, and each bottle is individually quality checked by the master brewer.

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