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Wine service shouldn’t be fussy – it should be slick and straightforward. Opening a bottle correctly, the glasses you use and the temperature of the wine are all important and will make the wine taste better. Our training videos below will help hone your service skills.

Want to add some drama into your serves? See our theatrical service videos.


How to use a coravin

Pour your finest wine by the glass with our handy 'how to' video guide to using a coravin.

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How to choose sparkling glassware

Fed up of losing the bubbles and not knowing why? Watch our handy 'how to' guide on choosing sparkling glassware.

How to pour beer

Pouring a pint is made easy with our handy 'how to' guide for pouring beer.

How to decant wine

Never spill another drop with our handy 'how to' guide for decanting wine.

How to make a flaming cocktail

Impress your customers with this theatrical, flaming cocktail serve.

How to flame an orange peel

Simple, yet impressive - learn this easy technique for flaming an orange peel.

How to saber Champagne

Want to learn how to saber Champagne? Watch our easy 'how to' video and impress your customers this festive season.

How to create a Champagne tower

Learn how to create a Champagne tower and impress your customers with this theatrical service skill.

How to choose the right glassware

Get it right every time with our handy 'how to' guide for choosing the right glassware.

How to chill wine in an ice bucket

Chill your white, sparkling or rosé wine to perfection with our handy 'how to' video guide.

How to open a bottle of wine

It might look easy, but here's the best way to open a bottle of wine.

How to pour wine

Discover the best way to pour wine with our 'how to' guide, featuring simple tips to ensure you pour the perfect glassful every time.

How to open a bottle of fizz

Opening a bottle of sparkling wine might seem daunting, but it's so easy! You just need to know how.

How to pour sparkling wine

Discover the best way to pour sparkling wine with our 'how to' guide. Ideal for serving Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, Cremant or any other fizz.

Training at Bibendum

Our Training Team is the 2015 WSET Educator of the Year and the 2014 IWC Educator of the Year. Meet members of our training team and customers from Manchester House, Malmaison and British Airways who have been through the courses.


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