Training Needs Assessment

Training Needs Assessment

This is not a course, but rather the first step you should take before putting anyone on training.

What is it?

A free consultation (customers only) to identify the training needs of your business when it comes to selling wines and spirits. This is the crucial first step before spending any time or money on training your staff. The Training Needs Assessment will be conducted by one of our learning and development specialists and will deduce:

• Is training the answer?
• What are the skills gaps of your employees?
• Who needs what training?
• The resources you have within your business

What will you do with it?

Once we have identified your training and learning needs, we can design a programme for you that meets these needs (see Bespoke Training). This could incorporate our generic programmes, customised training courses and using the talent you already have to spread knowledge and enthusiasm.

A training programme is only successful with buy-in at all levels – from senior management to site management and the learners themselves. Part of our training process is to ensure engagement across your business.

There is no obligation to use our training service once we have carried out a Training Needs Assessment for your business.

Please contact us or speak to your Account Manager for details.

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