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At Bibendum we love telling stories – and what better way to do this than straight from the source. Our podcasts range from educational and informative, to entertaining and fun, all the while highlighting trends in the food and drinks industry. Find out more about what’s influencing the UK market, listen to our customers and producers’ stories or learn more from our training team and resident experts. Watch this space for more, coming soon…


Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 45 - (Ale Tessari) Suavia

Today we caught up with Ale Tessari of Suavia in Veneto during her trip to the UK.

Bibendum Radio - Episode 4 - German Wine

In episode three we gathered wine geeks from across the trade to talk about German wine, from the history of German Riesling and why cheap, sweet wines briefly dominated, to changing consumer perceptions, to what constitutes a 'classic' German Pinot.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 44 - (Darren Rathbone) Rathbone Wine Group

In this episode we grilled Darren Rathbone about the Rathbone Wine Group - Yering Station, Xanadu Wines and Mount Langi Ghiran - what it means to be a cool-climate winemaker in Australia, the challenges of running such a big operation, and the evolving styles of Australian wine.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 43 - Tristram Coates (Coates & Seely)

In this podcast we chat to Tristram of English wine producer Coates & Seely, about the exciting category of English wine, the challenges of growing grapes in the UK, and what the future holds for English fizz.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 42 - David Sampedro Gill (Bodegas Bhilar)

In this podcast we chat to David, winemaker at Bodegas Bhilar in Rioja Alavesa, about his boutique family winery, the challenges of biodynamic farming, and changing perceptions of Rioja.

Bibendum Radio - Episode 3 - South African Sauvignon Blanc

In episode three we gathered wine geeks from across the trade to talk about the increased quality and changing styles of South African Sauvignon Blanc, where these wines sit on the world stage, and the current challenges faced in South Africa.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 41 - Chris Stoddart (Tomero)

Today we caught up with Chris Stoddart of Tomero wines from Bodega Vistalba in Argentina, about the legendary Tomeros, the importance of Malbec in Argentina, and the unsung grapes of this region.

Bibendum Radio - Episode 2 - Biodynamic Wine

In episode two we gathered wine geeks from across the trade to talk about perceptions of biodynamic wine, the troubles with definition and certification, who is wanting these wines, and whether it's really worth the extra spend for consumers.

Bibendum Radio - Episode 1 - English Sparkling Wine

In this first episode we gathered English wine geeks to talk about how the wine industry is developing in the UK, regionality and wine laws, the place of sparkling versus still in the On Trade, and what the future holds for this exciting category.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 40 - Martin Morales(Ceviche)

Today we caught up with Martin Morales, award-winning Peruvian chef best known as the founder of London restaurants Ceviche and Andina, about the influences behind his Peruvian-inspired restaurants, current food and drink trends, and the best things about being a chef.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 39 - Alois Clemens Lageder (Alois Lageder)

Today we talk to Alois Clemens Lageder from Alois Lageder about biodynamic practices and philosophy, and the unique terroir of Italy's Alto Adige.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 38 - Chateau D'Arche

Today we talk to Stephane and Jerome of Chateau D'Arche in Bordeaux, about terroir, developments in Bordeaux, and what makes Sauternes so special.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 37 - Anthony Truchard (Truchard Vineyards)

Today we talk to Anthony Truchard from Truchard Vineyards about what makes California's Los Carneros region so unique.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 36 - Willy Lunn (Yering Station)

Today we talk to Yering Station winemaker Willy Lunn about his passion for cool climate grape growing and winemaking.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 35 - Silvia Corti (Argento)

Today we talk to Silvia Corti, winemaker at Argento in Argentina's Mendoza, about the winery's pioneering role in producing a modern expression of fruit forward Malbec.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 34 - Francesco And Tiziana Scala (Scala)

Today we talk to Francesco and Tiziana Scala from organically-certified Cantina Scala in Calabria, about using indigenous grapes to make their uniquely elegant style of Calabrian wine.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 33 - Laura Catena (Catena Zapata)

Today we talk to Laura Catena from Catena Zapata about planting Malbec at increasingly high altitude and the global reputation of Argentinian wine.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 32 - Josef Mantler (Mantlerhof)

Today we talk to Josef Mantler from Mantlerhof in Austria’s Kremstal region about working in a longstanding family business and commitment to organic farming.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 31 – Dieter Hubler (Laurenz V)

Today we talk to Dieter Hübler from Laurenz V wine estate in Austria’s Kamptal region about their focus on Gruner Veltliner and unique terroir.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 30 – Matt Fitz-Gerald (Chateau Tanunda)

Today we talk to Matt Fitz-Gerald from Chateau Tanunda in Australia’s Barossa and Eden Valleys about this historic estate and its unique old vines.

Bibendum Training – Episode 29 – Italy’s Deep South

Today we discuss Italy’s hot and exciting Deep South, looking at Sicily’s Etna and Calabria’s Ciro DOC. With us today is Bibendum educator, Monica Allan; Celine Gomez of Merchant’s Tavern in London; and Sophia Charow, Bibendum Account Manager for London.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 28 - Sebastien Roux (Domaine Roux)

Today we talk to Sebastien Roux from family-run Burgundy producer Domaine Roux about tradition and innovation in this world-famous wine region.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 27 - Matt Swinney (Swinney Vineyards)

Today we talk to Matt Swinney from Swinney Vineyards about Frankland River’s unique terroir and his pioneering approach to grape growing.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 26 - Jess Robertson (Mount Langi Ghiran)

Today we talk to Jess Robertson from Mount Langi Ghiran in Western Victoria about cool-climate Syrah.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 25 - Christian Wylie (Bodega Garzon)

Today we talk to Christian Wiley from Bodega Garzon about making cool-climate wines in Uruguay.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 24 - Brett Jackson (Valdivieso)

Today we talk to Brett Jackson, Chief Winemaker at chile’s Valdivieso about the huge range of terroir at his disposal and his passion for preserving Chile’s winemaking heritage.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 23 - Joao Ribeiro (Quinta do Vallado)

Today we talk to Joao Ribeiro from Quinta do Vallado in Portugal's Douro region about developing high quality dry wines while nurturing a long-standing reputation for outstanding port.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 22 - Glenn Goodall (Xanadu)

Today we talk to Glenn Goodal from Xanadu in Australia’s Margaret River about the winery’s idyllic surroundings and top-class terroir.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 21 - Jose Sandoval (Prairie Organic Spirits)

Today we talk to Jose Sandoval from Prairie Organic Spirits in Minnesota, USA about organic farming, the importance of community and his favourite Prairie Organic cocktail.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 20 - Carolyn Martin (Creation)

Today we talk to Carolyn Martin, co-founder of Creation Wines in South Africa’s Hemel-en-Aarde about sustainable viticulture and the joy of food and wine matching.

Bibendum Customer Stories - Episode 19 - Shaun Johnson (Tanner & Co.)

Today we talk to Shaun Johnson at Tanner & Co. on London’s Bermondsey Street, about how to make the most of the growing trend for bottomless brunch.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 18 - Paul Pujol (Prophet's Rock)

Today we talk to Paul Pujol from Prophet’s Rock in Central Otago about making Pinot Noir and aromatic whites in the world’s southernmost wine region.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 17 - Col McBryde (Some Young Punks)

Today we talk to Col McBryde from maverick producer Some Young Punks about shaking up the Australian wine scene.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 16 - Tim Bell (Dry Creek)

Today we talk to Tim Bell from Dry Creek winery in Sonoma County, California about vineyard and site selection, and growing Chenin Blanc in this part of the world.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 15 - Matt Stafford (Craggy Range)

Today we talk to Matt Stafford, Chief Winemaker at New Zealand’s Craggy Range about his passion for New Zealand terroir and multi-regional approach to winemaking.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 13 - David Trafford (De Trafford)

Today we talk to David Trafford of De Trafford winery in Stellenbosch South Africa, about his journey from architect to winemaker.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 12 - Pieter Ferreira (Graham Beck)

Today we talk to Pieter 'Bubbles' Ferreira from South Africa's Graham Beck winery about Methode Cap Classique and his ongoing quest for the perfect bubble.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 11 - Lenz Moser (Chateau Changyu-Moser XV)

We talk to Lenz Moser from Chateau Changyu-Moser XV in China's Ningxia province about this exciting region and its developing sense of terroir.

Bibendum Producer Stories - Episode 10 - Bailey Pryor (Real McCoy Rum)

Today we talk to Bailey Pryor from the Real McCoy Rum who tells us the fascinating story of the original ‘Real McCoy’ and how he re-developed the authentic recipe.

Bibendum Producer Stories – Episode 9 – Joe Shebl (Renwood)

Today we talk to Joe Shebl, director of winemaking at Renwood Winery in Amador County California. Few know Zinfandel as well as Renwood and we find out more about Joe’s fresh approach to making one of California’s iconic wines.

Bibendum Producer Stories – Episode 8 – Norm Hardie (Norman Hardie)

In this episode we welcome Norm Hardie from Norman Hardie winery in Ontario, Canada. With vineyards in Prince Edward County and Niagara – and producing our new favourite Chardonnay and Pinot Noir – we find out more about the challenges and rewards of ultra-cool climate winemaking.

Bibendum Producer Stories – Episode 7 – Julio Cesar Kunz (Miolo)

With the Rio Olympics around the corner, we catch up with Julio Cesar Kunz from Miolo Winery in Brazil, to discuss the development of the Brazilian wine trade and its growing significance in the UK market.

Bibendum Producer Stories – Episode 6 – James and Annie Millton (Millton)

When it comes to biodynamics, few are more passionate than husband and wife team, James and Annie Millton from Millton Vineyards and Winery in Gisbourne New Zealand. Today we talk about their dedication to the environment and how this contributes to the unique quality of their wines.

Bibendum By The Glass Project – Episode 5 – Leo Harrison

In this series we talk to Bibendum account managers about our ‘by the glass’ project, which highlights seasonal wines to add interest to your ‘by the glass’ offer. Today we talk to National Account Manager for Hotels Leo Harrison about unusual white varieties and why these will spice up your list.

Bibendum By The Glass Project – Episode 4 – Mauro Segatta

In this series we talk to Bibendum account managers about our ‘by the glass’ project, which highlights seasonal wines to add interest to your ‘by the glass’ offer. Today we talk to London Account Manager Mauro Segatta about New World Chardonnay and how this category offers a wide variety of options for pouring by the glass.

Bibendum By The Glass Project – Episode 3 – Josh Butler

In this series we talk to Bibendum account managers about our ‘by the glass’ project, which highlights seasonal wines to add interest to your ‘by the glass’ offer. Today we talk to London Business Development Manager Josh Butler about sparkling rosés and why these wines are great for serving by the glass, especially during the summer months.

Bibendum Producer Stories – Episode 2 – JD Pretorius (Steenberg)

Today we welcome JD Pretorius, winemaker at Steenberg in Constantia, South Africa. JD talks about Steenberg’s unique terroir, the art of winemaking and the challenges – and rewards – of producing a top South African Merlot. As one of only a handful of Nebbiolo producers in South Africa, we find out what makes this grape so special.

The Artisan Project

Consumers are increasingly interested in premium products with provenance. To celebrate our smaller, premium and artisanal producers, we launched The Artisan Project by Bibendum.

In this episode, Bibendum director Willie Lebus talks about the growing trend for drinking less but better.

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