How we work with Multiple Retailers

Bibendum has been supplying multiple retailers for over twenty years and has a dedicated, experienced team of Account Managers who understand the specific needs of the businesses in the sector.

Our account managers are supported by a dedicated Multiple Retailer Sales Operations team that ensure we meet all our commitments and go the extra mile to service our customers.

We have an extensive network of suppliers from around the world (Northern Hemisphere & Southern Hemisphere), who are able to provide both bespoke and branded products at all volumes and price points, and work closely with our customers to ensure the wines that reach the shelf are perfect for the UK market.

Our in house Market Insights team analyse the latest consumer and market data to help you understand trends and stay ahead of the competition. The team regularly publish reports into the UK market as well as specific categories from around the world.

Our whole approach at Bibendum focuses on simplifying wine for drinkers, making it easier for them to navigate the wine aisle and discover something genuinely exciting. We are constantly trying to find innovative ways to do this – Taste Test and Plonk are two recent examples - and we are always happy to look at explore how we can partner with our customers to bring them to life in a retail environment.

Multiple retailers sell 70% of all wine sold in the UK and we are committed to helping retailers source better than ever quality wines whilst working closely with them to invigorate sales.


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