Wine Tasting at 30,000 feet with British Airways

BA wine tasting

Altitude and cabin pressure does funny things to our taste buds, as Heston Blumenthal’s Mission Impossible programme on Channel 4 earlier this year showed when the chef devised a number of umami-heavy dishes for BA customers.

But what about wine?

If our taste buds perceive food differently on the ground then surely the same goes for the wine?

It does – a wine that shines in a Michelin-starred restaurant in the West End may taste tough and bitter at 30,000 feet.

Our Wine and Travel guru, Andy Sparrow, recently jetted off to New York with BA a number of journalists to demonstrate the difficulties of picking wines that will taste good mid-way across the Atlantic at the roomy end of a Boeing 777…

Gareth Groves
26th May 2011

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