Glimmers of Hope for Wine & Spirits Sales in the On-Trade

Wine & Spirits sales on trade

A new report by on-trade data analysts, CGA, shows that between 2013 and 2014, wine and spirits generated an estimated £280 million revenue increase for bars and restaurants.


CGA predicts that wine sales will increase from 18% across the UK on-trade to nearly 20% by 2018, while spirits will increase from 22% to 24%. Conversely, during the same period they estimate beer and lager sales will slide from 50% to 47%.

This shift in sales could have been driven by newly-opened bars and restaurants, as CGA found wine sales accounted for 22% of sales compared to 40.2% for beer and cider. When compared with the sales of pubs who are going out of business, a pattern begins to emerge: wine sales accounted for just 12.3% of sales while beer and cider accounted for 58.5%.

With the budget due to be released on 19 March, let’s hope the chancellor doesn’t see these rays of light as an opportunity to maintain the duty escalator.

Ryan Fuller
18th March 2014

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