What's the Perfect Serving Temperature?

Wine Temperature serving temperature guide

When it comes to serving wine perfectly, temperature matters.


If you change the temperature, you change the wine. Too cold and it won't taste of anything, too warm and it will taste alcoholic, soupy and thick.

Getting the temperature of wine right can have a big impact on the consumer's enjoyment and increase the chance of them ordering that second glass or bottle.

The challenge in the On Trade is hitting the right temperature. Here a few easy tips to ensure the temperature of the wine you serve is perfect every time.


Check the location of the wine rack

Every room has hot spots - close to radiators or appliances such as fridges. Make sure your wines are stored as far away from these as possible.

Offer a chilled red or two (and mark them on the wine list)

This is a great idea to show you take wine service seriously and an easy up-sell suggestion for customers looking for something different and delicious.

Break the ice bucket habit - for whites

Many whites - especially bigger wines like Chardonnay or Viognier - will be a bit colder than is recommended when they first come out of the fridge. If they then get plunged straight into ice they will never get the chance to warm up and strut their stuff. Let them sit out for a bit on the table.

Get into the ice bucket habit - for reds

Lots of big reds - from punchy Aussie Shiraz to delicate Beaujolais and Pinot Noir - benefit from a quick ice bath, especially in warm weather or a warm room. Just a few minutes in ice are all it will take to make them much more refreshing.

2nd June 2014

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