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The leading independent cinema operator in the UK, Picturehouses, sell wine in all of their venues. When they changed their wine lists recently, we put some of our consumer intelligence data - Taste Test - into action.

What is Taste Test?

Taste Test is a simple way of helping the consumer discover wines they will enjoy. It involves a short series of questions and takes just a few minutes to complete. The answers to the questions reveal their individual taste profile and matches their profile to styles of wines they will enjoy.

Flavour Profiling the Nation  

Taste Test data categorises drinker's perferences into four categories – Sweet, Fresh, Smooth and Intense. Using our database of respondents, we have mapped the nation's flavour preferences, often showing different patterns and trends in individual towns and cities.

The Challenge

It’s all very well noticing trends, but how you use those trends to create extra profitability is the golden ticket.  Picturehouses were very interested in using the data to alter their wine lists according to flavour preferences geographically. So what happened next?

Building the Wine List

Firstly, we blended the Taste Test flavour survey data with extensive demographic data from our unique in-house insight tool Prospect.  This created a solid foundation of information, from which we could develop a core range of wines alongside Simon Woplin, Food & Beverage Director at Picturehouses.

Next we looked into the specific detail of the postcodes of each individual cinema and their catchment areas, to create an information pack crammed full of customer demographics, trends and flavour preferences of each site.

Lastly, we invited all the General and Bar Managers from each cinema to Bibendum HQ to explain the information we’d collated and to taste through our range. This enabled the team to sample the wines in question, before letting them pick their own wine lists. The list that would best suit their specific customers.

After a full day with the team, it was great to hear Simon’s thoughts about the tasting. “I was concerned the project could be a tricky one, but all the attending sites seemed to engage very well with the task of creating the list, and the background profiling work and hints on writing a balanced list were perfect to assist in the process and also quite illuminating and unique.”

The Result

After three months trading with the new lists, the group reported a near 10% increase in wine sales year on year.  Of course, the staff members involved in the experiment had also engaged in the exercise, bringing their enthusiasm back to each venue to aid those wine sales.  All in all, it’s great to see the power of data first hand.

9th March 2012

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