What are we drinking this summer?

Line up of our favourite bottles with sunflowers

The Great British Summer is a time for BBQs, picnics and al fresco drinking – even if it’s under a canopy to escape the rain… So what are the perfect summer wines to quench our thirst in the coming months? We asked around Bibendum to find out what staff will be drinking this summer.


 Hattie Liddle from Event and a bottle shot of Cavicchioli Lambrusco Secco NV   

Hattie Liddle - Events

Cavicchioli Lambrusco Secco NV

"During the summer BBQ season I’ll be drinking Cavicchioli Lambrusco Secco NV. The red fruit flavours and acidic bite work perfectly with barbecued meats and its lower ABV makes it the perfect daytime-drinking wine."

 Alex Kostopoulos with a bottle of Stellenrust 52 barrel fermented Chenin Blanc  

Alex Kostopoulos - Buying

Stellenrust 52 barrel fermented Chenin Blanc

"This summer I will be drinking the Stellenrust 52 barrel fermented Chenin Blanc. This is a bombshell of a wine - rich, buttery, tropical goodness. Perfect for dinner parties serving my famous (infamous?) orange infused duck confit."

 Lisa McBain,witha bottle of Garage Old Vine Pale #63  

Lisa McBain - Supplier Management

Garage Old Vine Pale #63

"This summer I’ll be drinking The Old Vine Pale #63 from Derek Mossman, the man who made Carignan the Harley Davidson of Chilean wine. 

As a fan of Gamay and lighter bodied wines, this is a really charming wine, full of bright crisp red-fruits and, like an English summer it's ‘Refreshingly Chile’."

 Sophia Godyn from Marketing with a bottle of Prophet’s Rock Dry Riesling  

Sophia Godyn - Marketing

Prophet’s Rock Dry Riesling

“Riesling is a favourite grape of mine and I will be drinking lots of lovely examples of it this summer; Prophet’s Rock Dry Riesling has everything you could possibly want from a summer wine: beautiful aromas of citrus and blossom, complemented by an elegant body and a refreshing acidity. Perfectly paired with shellfish, grilled white fish or just on its own as an apéritif.”

 Orlando Harrington from Customer Care with a bottle of Chateau d’Astros Rosé  

Orlando Harrington - Customer Care

Chateau d’Astros Rosé

"This summer I plan on spending a lot of time in the sunshine enjoying the type of rosé I used to enjoy during the ten years I lived in Provence. Chateau d’Astros Rosé is perfect for this; light, crisp and very easy drinking. It goes wonderfully with barbecued prawns or grilled halloumi. Luckily I already have a few bottles tucked away for the weekend."

 Paddy McCarthy from Commercial Finance with a bottle of St Nicolas de Bourgueil Domaine de la Cotelleraie  

Paddy McCarthy - Commercial Finance

St Nicolas de Bourgueil Domaine de la Cotelleraie

"This summer I’ll be drinking St Nicolas de Bourgueil Domaine de la Cotelleraie, with the prospect (if not the actuality) of hotter weather I always look for a lighter style of red, this one is full of bright red fruit, a touch of oak and a hint of leafiness which just makes it more refreshing. Can also be chilled down a bit too on those rare hot days!"


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