Australia - 2014 Vintage

Australian terroir

The 2014 Vintage

Overall, wine quality has been excellent, with strong varietal fruit characters and expression. The reds are full-bodied with great colour.

Region by region


Better than average. A long mild ripening period led to good definition and expression across all varieties.


Very tricky. A terrible spring with poor flowering due to windy, cold, wet weather and then a touch of frost added insult to injury. Further damage was caused by a couple of heat-spikes in January. What has been picked – at great cost – is of exceptional quality.

South Australia

Excellent. Hot weather brought an early start but some brief rain gave the vines some relief and extended the ripening period. John Duval, formerly of Penfolds says “not quite a 2010 or 2012, but 2014 has produced some very nice wines.”

Margaret River

Has had a consistent decade of vintages and that continues in 2014. A classic vintage with an early start and a late finish for those with high yields, particularly good for Semillon and Cabernet Sauvignon.


Australia in the Global Context

Australia’s wine exports decreased by 6% in volume to 677 million litres. The top five markets remain UK, USA, China, Germany and Canada. All have declined with the exception of Canada, but signs of premium Australian sales recovering have been seen in cities like New York and San Francisco.

Free trade agreements have been announced between Australia and two Asian countries: Japan and South Korea. The new Japanese agreement will open the door for a level playing field with Chilean suppliers who have had their free trade agreement in place since 2005. Australia had 5% of the market share at this time, while Chile had 4%. In today’s market, Australia has dropped to 4%, while Chile surged forward to 17%.


Despite overall volume falling (down around 10% vs 2013), the pricing is fairly flat due to slight increase in the strength of sterling against the Aussie dollar versus this time last year.

5th August 2014

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