The Story Behind Valdivieso’s Non-Vintage Caballo Loco

Valdivieso Caballo Loco

We love a wine with a story, and Valdivieso’s Caballo Loco is definitely one of those.

One of Chile’s top wines, Caballo Loco is named after one of Valdivieso’s previous winemakers Jorge Coderch, who created the Cabollo Loco over 12 years ago, a winemaker who was long referred to as ‘the crazy horse’.

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Carmenere and Merlot, the wine is created using a solera system, similar to that found in the production of Sherry. This simple but effective process produces a series of non-vintage wines, where at least 50% of the blend has come from the previous Caballo Loco.

Following the barrel maturation of the current vintage/edition, it’s then blended with the previous edition.  The new edition complete, 50% is then bottled and 50% goes back into the solera system for use in the next ‘crazy horse’.

This interesting process enables Valdivieso to create a complex wine with unique characteristics for each edition, characteristics only achievable from adding aged wine to the blend.

Currently on Edition No. 12 of the Caballo Loco, we asked Valdivieso’s winemaker Brett Jackson, his thoughts on Caballo Loco, which he has been making since Edition No. 6.



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