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UK Trade Inspiration


The downturn may have challenged much of the “middle” of the market but that customer base hasn’t disappeared. With consumer confidence rising but wages yet to catch up, high quality ingredients and experiences such as those seen at Krug and Krustacean – the premium Champagne and king crab riverside pop up in London – will be the key decisionmaking factor as to where consumers choose to spend their money.


Korean spiced burgers, French dip sandwiches and pulled everything. Across the country, intrepid street food vendors have put their own spin on established dishes from around the world with increasing gusto. What differentiates this current version of fusion is the value of provenance and heritage.  The combination of two authentic experiences, such as Japanese and Peruvian cuisines at Chotto Matte, to make something new whilst preserving the best of each.  


The Great British public’s tastes are changing. In the supermarkets, chilli sauce is now so popular that it outsells Worcestershire sauce. This reflects a wider trend of diners broadening their taste horizons when eating out. You can sense this in the popularity of wine bars like Verden and Sager + Wilde in London’s East End. How do they appeal to these consumers? A constantly changing wine list and a small, instagram-friendly food menu. A simple, premium formula geared toward the experimental millenials, and it’s working.

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16th October 2014

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